Does Taxi Insurance Cover Food Delivery?

To keep their businesses afloat, many private hire drivers are resorting to meal delivery services for insurance agents with insurance marketing. What additional courier insurance do you need as a taxi driver to be insured entirely while delivering things rather than transporting people and find an agent? Does taxi insurance cover food delivery?   

If you decide to switch from a private hire taxi job to food delivery courier work, you’ll need to make sure you have the right insurance in place to protect yourself from the risks you’ll face. Unlike private hire insurance, courier insurance covers goods in transit coverage up to a predetermined sum, protecting the items you deliver if they are lost, damaged (food spoilage), or stolen. 

does taxi insurance cover food delivery

When deciding on the correct level of coverage for your food courier delivery business, keep in mind that you’ll be on the road for the majority of the time, increasing your chances of getting involved in an accident or losing money. It could also indicate that you’re working in more urban regions with higher traffic volumes. A road hazards policy will cover you if you currently have private hire insurance in place. It’s worth double-checking whether that level is still appropriate for your needs. There are three tiers to choose from: 

  • Third-party only: This is the legal minimum and will safeguard third-party responsibilities in the event of an accident. 
  • Third-party fire and theft: Provides the same coverage as third-party and covers your car in the event of a fire or theft. 
  • Comprehensive: Provides the same coverage as third-party fire and theft and covers any damage to you or your car as a result of an accident. 

Courier Insurance Upgrade 

According to Tradex, courier insurance prices are typically higher than private vehicle insurance. Excessive mileage carries additional dangers, such as making several address drop-off stops and working against the time. 

In addition to your regular auto insurance, you may require public liability insurance, which protects you from legal fees and injury compensation claims if you’re found to be at fault for a public or property injury for insurance marketing. It isn’t a legal requirement, but it’s a good idea if your firm has contact with a third party – a person or entity who isn’t an employee. However, the policy will not cover if someone is hurt. You could face expensive legal action. 

It is also important how to start an insurance agency and know what is insurance broker with insurance claim process for insurance leads 

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